CloudedMC is a Skyblock server with tons of cool features. Ranging from Player WorldEdit to Bosses. Our goal is to provide you with an awesome and memorable experience. We try to provide you with the best experience possible, so in order to do that, we utilize the best hardware to provide lagless gameplay.


Why CloudedMC?

Our goal is to provide the most memorable experience. Most servers are basic. Skyblock, shops, and that's about it. We decided to go one step further, and add as many features as possible, so you never get bored. Whether you like PVPing, playing with friends, or just building your base, CloudedMC is ready for you.

  • Lagless gameplay
  • Tons of things to do.
  • Tons of cool features.

Vote for us

Voting helps CloudedMC grow. As a thank you for supporting us by voting, you will receive $2,500 and 1 Vote Key.